Cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ go rogue after abandoning the producing staff

Fed up with the production staff, the cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ took matters into their own hands by abandoning the crew and hightailed it out of filming!

Stuck in a non-air conditioned car with spicy soup for lunch on a day where the temperature soared sky-high, the cast members were already cranky when they were given a mission which, upon successful completion, they could transfer into an air-conditioned vehicle.

Tasked with eating an entire tub of ice cream with only their hands, they were summarily disqualified when the producers pointed out that they still had some ice cream left on their fingers!

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This was the final straw for the members, who ran away from the crew in their vehicle despite their pleas via radio! Although the staff car tried to chase them down, the cast members’ car were already far away beyond their sight.

Thankfully, they were eventually calmed and soon returned to the set!


One response to “Cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ go rogue after abandoning the producing staff

  1. thatpd is absolutely irresponsible!!! first forced defcon who is hipertensive and takes pills to carry a heavy backpack and climb on that steep mountain…and then makes him drive in a superhot car! that pd was lucky that defcon only scratched his leg!!!! by the way…kjm had surgery at his spine and that lobster pd made him carry the heaviest stuff on that mountin…i cannot laugh when artists suffer…it is not funny at all to see them humilliated, eating icecream on the ground , suffering and trying to pretend that is fanny…bcz it is not :((( we are humans not beasts!

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