Shin Se Kyung Picks Jung Joon Young as Her Ideal Type Among “1 Night, 2 Days” Members

shin se kyung

Actress Shin Se Kyung, who charmed the cast of KBS2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days” as a ‘Morning Angel‘, was asked to choose the member closest to her ideal type on the latest episode of the show.

On the August 31 broadcast, Shin Se Kyung woke up the sleepy members with a delicious breakfast. While preparing the dishes, she was asked tough questions by the six men, one of them being a question about her favorite member.

As the cast asked her, “What kind of men do you like? What do you think of our Joon Young?” the actress replied, shyly, “He is cute.” With Shin Se Kyung being a year younger than Jung Joon Young, the members were surprised by the actress’ sweet way of describing her oppa.

While chatting, the two found out that both of them live near Gangnam District Office subway station. Finally, as Shin Se Kyung was asked to pick her ideal type among the members, she said with no hesitation, “Jung Joon Young.”

Check out a clip of their adorable interaction here!



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