KBS “1 Night 2 Days” brings heartwarming episode to their audience

1 Night 2 Day 10192014

In the latest episode of KBS1 Night 2 Days, the cast set their destination to Korea’s countryside, encountering six ajummas with attitude, bringing hilarious comedy and heartwarming stories to the audience.

On the episode aired on October 19th, the members were introduced to six elder ladies from the town, only to be ignored due to the attention grabbing helicam. Eventually, the members of 1 Night 2 Days gained new partners in the ajummas and began their countryside mission together.

The variety show’s cast were given different missions to accomplish with their lady partner, and during the missions, the comedy did not seem to stop and was enough to make viewers laugh out loud.

But in addition to the comedy were heartwarming moments, in which the members showed their kind sides as they treated the ajummas as if they were their mothers, putting the weight of the missions on themselves instead of the old women.

Though the missions of 1 Night 2 Days brought much complaints between the members and the ajummas due to the hard work, they became almost like sons and grandsons by the end of the episode.


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