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How the Real “1 Night, 2 Days” PD Feels Watching Kim Soo Hyun in “Producer”

How the Real “1 Night, 2 Days” PD Feels Watching Kim Soo Hyun in “Producer”

With the popularity of KBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Producer,” many viewers have been wondering if the drama is realistically portraying what actually happens behind-the-scenes of KBS’ Sunday variety show “1 Nights, 2 Days.”

“Producer,” starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU, portrays the world of the variety department in KBS, focusing on the production of “1 Night, 2 Days.” Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of Baek Seung Chan, a newbie PD in the variety show’s production team. A little awkward and clumsy, his character brings to mind PD Yoo Ho Jin of “1 Night, 2 Days,” who was introduced to viewers of the actual variety show years ago as the newbie PD. The show pulled a hidden camera prank on him back then, showing him very green, very flustered, and very confused in the face of the cast fighting. Now Yoo Ho Jin is in charge of the show, having shed his “newbie” title.

Fun fact: Baek Seung Chang graduated from Seoul University and Yoo Ho Jin is actually a graduate of Korea University. Both universities are considered one of the top three in Korea.

Regarding the similarity between him and Baek Seung Chan, Yoo Ho Jin commented, “I think his clumsiness and the chaos he feels as the newbie PD is similar to how I was.” He added, however, “When I see his good-looking face, though, I think he is very different. It was disheartening.”

Instead of Baek Seung Chan being a dramatized version of him, Yoo Ho Jin thinks that the character is more a portrayal of how a lot of youngsters in society feel like, just entering the workforce. “But the variety department is a little more difficult than a regular company,” he added.

When asked if he applied to become a KBS PD because of a pretty school senior like Baek Seung Chan did, Yoo Ho Jin answered, “LOL. No. I applied because I had to earn a living.”

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Cha Tae Hyun Transforms into the PD of ′1 Night 2 Days′ in ′Producer′

Cha Tae Hyun Transforms into the PD of ′1 Night 2 Days′ in ′Producer′

For his upcoming new drama, Producer, Cha Tae Hyun transformed into a variety show PD.

For Producer, Cha Tae Hyun will act as into Ra Joon Mo, a variety show PD, and more specifically, the PD for 1 Night, 2 Days.

Known as the ′Pelé of Variety,′ Ra Joon Mo has a unique humor code and will be reminiscent of Grandpas Over Flowers′s Na Young Seok PD, who was also in charge of 1 Night 2 Days in the past.

According to the staff of Producer, Cha Tae Hyun, who is a member of 1 Night 2 Days, led the filming like the actual program. Cha Tae Hyun acted out the scene with several actresses, who made cameo appearances. The scene will draw out much laughter as Cha Tae Hyun becomes crushed by the charisma of the actresses.

“Cha Tae Hyun transformed perfectly into a variety PD that many of the staff members were surprised. Using his wit and sense, he made the entire set burst out into laughter.”

Producer, which stars Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Kong Hyo Jin, IU, and more, is created by Park Ji Eun of You Who Came From the Stars and Seo Soo Min PD of Gag Concert. The drama will focus on the craziness that occurs in the variety kingdom of KBS.

It will begin May 8.

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Uhm Tae-woong confirms JTBC romance drama


Cable network JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Mom Needs a Man has a new title and a leading man. The new project from PD Kim Yoon-chul (of Can We Get Married and My Name Is Kim Sam-soon) will now be called the more generic Could We Love. I’m a little bummed because Mom Needs a Man is the more evocative title, but perhaps the PD really wants a series of Coulda Would Shoulda dramas to be his thing.

The drama will star a trio of women all facing forty, each with a different romantic situation a la I Need Romance. Jin Jae-young (My Sweet Seoul) plays a “gold miss” character, who’s happy as the perennial single girl. Choi Jung-yoon (Ojakkyo Brothers) is the housewife and mother (to Jin Ji-hee), while Eugene (Hundred Year Inheritance) is being courted to play a divorcee.

Uhm Tae-woong will star as a film director who lived abroad in the States and was already making waves with short films he made as a high-schooler. He eventually becomes a famous movie director who wins awards at Cannes. He’s described as a prickly perfectionist with a constant stoic expression that’s unreadable, though he’s said to be full of charisma on set. He has a painful past (of course) and has no memory of the mother who abandoned him as a child.

I think he’ll most likely have a loveline with Eugene (if she signs on), because his character ends up working with a new screenwriter who comes out of nowhere, and she’ll be struggling with the recent discovery that her ex-husband is marrying someone much younger than her.

Uhm Tae-woong has already had quite the busy season, having just come off of fusion sageuk Sword and Flower and showbiz movie Top Star. He recently quit variety show 1 Night 2 Days, clearing his slate for all dramas, all the time. Well that’s the hope anyway.

Could We Love follows Your Neighbor’s Wife and premieres December 23.

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Joo Won Practices Sewing in New Stills for “Good Doctor”


good doctor joowon 081913

New stills of Joo Won for the upcoming episodes of “Good Doctor” have been released.

Joo Won is currently receiving rave reviews for his character interpretation and portrayal as the savant autistic Park Shi On. New stills for the fifth episode that will air on August 19, have been released and reveals Joo Won crouching down in the hospital’s locker room and sewing up a piece of clothing.

His serious facial expression and his body language as he carefully sews makes viewers and netizens curious about what will happen in the next episode.

This scene was said to be filmed on August 4. These cuts were taken as Joo Won was standing by, waiting for the staff to prepare the props. Even during stand by, Joo Won stayed in character and practiced his scenes, proving his passion for acting.

It is said that Joo Won’s actual scenes went smoothly without a single NG. At Joo Won’s amazing focus, the staff praised, “He always perfectly portrays parts that we don’t even think about and it really shocks us.”

The production staff also commented, “Joo Won is always focused on his character, whatever situation he’s in. He is always holding surgical tools in his hands to get familiar with them and is thoroughly working on his lines. Please continue to watch over Joo Won’s natural portrayal of Park Shi On.”


Sung Shi Kyung thinks 89% of lead stars in dramas have actually dated each other?

Sung Shi Kyung recalled his past onscreen romance with actress Moon Chae Won and revealed that from his experience, most lead actors and actresses end up actually dating in real life.

While filming KBS 2TV‘s ‘1N2D‘, co-star Joo Won brought up stories about his new drama ‘Good Doctor‘, which caught the interest of Sung Shi Kyung as Moon Chae Won who is also starring in the drama. The singer recalled his past with her and shared, “When Moon Chae Won was just a rookie, she made a cameo in my music video,” mentioning a kiss scene with the actress in his “Goodbye One More Time” MV

Sung Shi Kyung also revealed, “It is inevitable that the lead stars of a drama form feelings for each other. I can say that 89% of the single ones have experience dating each other.”

Find out Sung Shi Kyung’s full story on the 11th!


Joowon thanks fans for supporting him in ‘Good Doctor’

Joowon has been receiving praise for his acting skills on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Good Doctor‘. The hot actor plays the character of Park Sion, a pediatric hospital resident with savant syndrome.

Joowon thanked fans for the support and revealed the story behind his role. He said, “Before we began filming, I frequently visited treatment centers. I met with the manager there often who shared a lot of stories with me, and I was also introduced to many autistic patients. Through my meetings with them, I witnessed a lot and was moved.

He continued, “I was extremely worried, but I’m so happy because viewers have been giving such positive feedback. It gives me strength.

He also said the boss at the treatment center sent him an encouraging text message that read, “Thank you for portraying your role so surprisingly well. I look forward to seeing your romantic scenes too.”


Park Ki Woong Compliments Joo Won’s Acting in “Good Doctor”

Park Ki Woong

Actor Park Ki Woong recently praised Joo Won on his acting for KBS2 drama “Good Doctor,” according to Sports World News.

On August 5, Park Ki Woong tweeted a picture with the caption, “Add a great director, a great cast, and a great story together, and it equals one great product. I got really excited while watching the first episode. Applause for the production staff that allowed these characters to show their diversity! ‘Good Doctor,’ hwaiting! I know since I’ve acted the part of a similar character, but Joo Won, you’ve done a much better job than this hyung. Good job.”

“Good Doctor” aired its first episode on August 5. Joo Won plays the character of Park Si On, an autistic doctor with Savant Syndrome. Joo Won talked to himself, hunched over, and there was no sparkle in his eye. Park Ki Woong must have been really impressed by Joo Won’s acting.

Netizens commented, “Is ‘Good Doctor’ that good?” “If Park Ki Woong complimented Joo Won like that, Joo Won must have done a perfect job,” and “I watched it, and I know what he means.”


Joo Won is dashing in a white coat for upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘Good Doctor’

Joo Won donned his first ever white coat for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘Good Doctor‘!

The new still cuts show Joo Won in action as a doctor, looking almost as cute as the children he’ll treat as a pediatrician. Joo Won shared, “I wore a white coat for the first time. Once I put it on, it feels good.”

The actor will team up with ‘Ojakgyo BrothersPD Ki Min Soo once again for ‘Good Doctor’, which portrays the story of love and hardship in a pediatric surgery center of a university hospital.

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‘Good Doctor’ will premiere following ‘Shark‘ on August 5!


′Good Doctor′ Releases Stills from First Shoot Featuring Joo Won and Moon Chae Won

Joo Won and Moon Chae Won got together in a curious situation.

The two actors have been preparing for their upcoming drama, KBS′ Good Doctor. Joo Won will take up the role of Park Si On, a man with savant syndrome, while Moon Chae Won will be surgeon fellow Cha Yoon Seo.

Recently, the drama′s producers have released shots from their first shoot together. Joo Won seems to be sifting through a pile of garbage in search of something, while Moon Chae Won stares on with a surprised expression.

The shoot took place on June 28 in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do. As soon as they spotted each other, they exchanged friendly greetings, and helped each other practice their lines by reading their scripts side by side.

Despite its being their first time acting together, the two boasted great teamwork once the cameras started rolling, and though the scene was a difficult one with many subtle emotions, they pulled it off.

They especially seemed to feel comfortable near each other as they are only one year apart in age. They would don serious expressions on their faces when the cameras were rolling, but then loosen up when they turned off, laughing and teasing each other.

A rep from the drama′s production company Logos Film said, “Staff were all for praising the two because Joo Won and Moon Chae Won exceeded expectations with their teamwork as a couple. You can look forward to seeing a new side to Joo Won and Moon Chae Won in Good Doctor.”

Good Doctor is about how the autistic Park Si On becomes a pediatric surgeon after overcoming prejudice against him.

It will air in Shark′s time slot from August 5.

Photo credit: Logos Film


Joo Won Drags His Luggage onto the Set of ‘Good Doctor’

Preparing for a new drama, Joo Won came running with his luggage to the set of KBS’ Good Doctor.

The photo released on July 8 gave first looks at the new drama as Joo Won dressed up in a clean, dark grey suit as he walked with a mission. The photos were from the first shooting of Good Doctor, which took place on June 17 in Gwangmyung Station.

Good Doctor is a medical drama that focuses in pediatric surgeries.

It will begin on August 5.

Photo Credit: Logos Film