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Kim Joo Hyuk’s love line takes a step forward on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Any regular watcher of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ knows that there’s been, well, signs between Kim Joo Hyuk and one of the scriptwriters, Lee Seul Gi!

Their relationship appeared to take a step forward in the latest episode, where the members received the mission to take photos of wildlife.

Gathering to compare photos afterward, the cast members burst out in laughter when the leafed through Kim Joo Hyuk’s photos, as they were filled with photos of his crush!

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“Why did you shoot her so much?” the other members teased. “Oh, those are mine!” he replied, saying that those photos were from his personal camera.

Either way, it looks like things are getting pretty serious!


Kim Joo Hyuk transforms into a mermaid for ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Kim Joo Hyuk went through an eye-opening transformation on the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘!

Left as the only member still in front of the camera after he was unluckily selected by an American tourist, he sadly went on filming alone. “What is this?” he complained. “This is no fun. I can’t be left by myself. I won’t even get any broadcast time, what can I do?”

Fortunately for the audience, the producers had a surprise mission up their sleeves! Kim Joo Hyuk was shocked at the mission – to transform into a lovely mermaid and snap photos in several different themes.

Pulling off the mermaid look as well as any grown man could, he definitely earned his broadcast time in this episode!


Cast of “1 Night, 2 Days” Goes on First Spring Outing

Cast of “1 Night, 2 Days” Goes on First Spring Outing

Members of “1 Night, 2 Days” recently went on an outing to enjoy the beautiful spring season.

On the upcoming episode the show, the six men travel to Maehwa Village, located in Yangsan, Kyungsang Province. Titled “Spring Flower Train Trip,” the episode followed the members’ first outing, taking place in the countryside where the cherry blossoms have already started blooming.

It has also been revealed that the producers invited a surprise MC to the scene, and that the members revealed their hidden talents thanks to the MC’s skillful hosting.

In the teaser photos, the cast can be seen sitting on mat under beautiful blossoming trees and listening to the MC with excited expressions on their faces. Cha Tae Hyun and Jung Joon Young seem to be fully immersed in the mood, and they can be seen showing off their hilarious dance moves.

If you want to know who put on the best dance performance, and who surprised everyone with his amazing image transformation, check out the episode airing on March 30 at 6pm (KST)!

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Kim Joo Hyuk keeps his Valentine’s Day promise to a female staff member

Kim Joo Hyuk proved he was a romantic at heart on the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘!

 Appearing in the morning with a huge lollipop, he proceeded to call out the name of Lee Seul Gi, one of the scriptwriters on the program. He was merely keeping his promise from a month earlier, where she had given him chocolates for Valentine’s Day! “Expect something for March!” he told her then, alluding to a special White Day surprise.

 Presenting her the lollipop, she shyly received the gift with her face covered. He kept his promise


Two Days and One Night members to find real delicacies

The second chapter of ‘A Trip to find Savoury food in Jeolla-do’ of <Happy Sunday: Two Days and One Night Season 3> will grab viewer’s attention this weekend again.

In the earlier episode, <Two Days and One Night> members including Kim Juhyuk, Kim Junho, Cha Taehyun, Defconn, Kim Jongmin, and Jeong Junyoung visited Jeollanam-do to eat local food.
Six members, who are on ‘Gemi’ tour, a Jeolla-do dialect meaning savoury taste, have shown sumptuous meals to viewers. To get those large meals, the members played Bokbulbok games fiercely which brought viewers full of laughs.

For all sorts of delicacies, the members were full of enthusiasm even during the practice game, turning over Jeon, Korean pancakes.

The winner was Jeong Junyoung who used to be a power blogger on cooking. As a compensation for his win, he was served with a large meal with 31 side dishes. “It feels like today is my birthday. I’v never served such a large spread in my life, not even from my mom,” the winner mentioned.
Netizens who saw the show said, “I couldn’t help but having dinner when watching the show,” “It is such an appetizing episode with full of delicacies,” “I understand why the members were so energetic to win the games,” “Junyoung is so lucky to have that huge meal by himself,” and more.
The weekend variety show is getting good reviews, showing a joyful moment of starting a new journey and giving an impression of reunion with old friends.
[Two Days and One Night]

Showtime: Sun 18:20 | Mon 02:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Kim Joo Hyuk gives up on maintaining his image on ‘1Night 2 Days’

Kim Joo Hyuk, one of the cast members on the new season of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, finally gave in to what the show’s all about and put his actor image aside.

To gauge the members’ health, they all had to go through a physical, but after hearing that the exams involved an examination of their, well, excrement, the cast members hesitated. Kim Jun Ho said, “Are you telling us to go to the bathroom in the middle of broadcast? I hope the color is pretty, at least.”

He pointed to Kim Joo Hyuk next. “But there’s an actor here too.” However, the actor waved away any hesitation. “No, I’ve already hit bottom,” he said, explaining that he’s already given up on maintaining his image.
On the same episode, Kim Joo Hyuk picked up and ate chocolate that his castmate Jung Joon Young dropped on the floor.

Are you enjoying the new cast and season of ‘1N2D’?


Kim Joo-hyuk to confess his hardship

In the first episode, ‘The men’s trip in Uljin, Gyeongbuk’, Kim Joo-hyuk made the viewers full of laughter by his unexpectedly sloppy behaviours.

KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday: Two Days and One Night Season 3’, Kim Joo-hyuk became an icon of traitor by helping Cha Tae-hyun and Jeong Jun-young(LTE team) and catching Kim Jun-ho(3G team) during the lunch Bokbulbok game.
Also, Joo-hyuk gained another nickname, ‘Gu Taeng’ by giving a wrong answer ‘To Sa Gu Taeng’ instead the right answer ‘To Sa Gu Paeng’ during the first mission ‘Knowledge Test’
“I’ve been asking myself why I joined this program from time to time during the shoot. This is so hard,” Kim Joo-hyuk confessed his hardship and made the filming spot full of laughter. Other members including Cha Tae-hyun, Defconn, and Kim Jong-min also made fun of him and said that he gets a new nickname every week and embarrassed the man with a new nickname.
Meanwhile, thanks to Kim Joo-hyuk’s activity, the viewers rating recorded 13.8 percent nationwide according to AGB Neilson Media Research.
The weekend variety show is getting good reviews, showing a joyful moment of starting a new journey and giving an impression of reunion with old friends. The second episode of ‘The men’s trip in Uljin, Gyeongbuk’ will air on Sunday 18:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).

Kim Joohyuk enjoys a game with a beauty

Kim Joohyuk, a member of ‘Two Days and One Night’ grabs the viewers attention with a photo, hugging the youngest writer, who looks like Suji(Miss A).

The second episode of ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’ with Kim Joohyuk, Kim Joonho, Cha Taehyun, Defconn, Kim Jongmin, and Jeong Joon-yeong, was on air on Jan 19 and the cut, Joohyuk’s hugging a woman has unveiled.
In the cut, the staff team becomes ‘a human weight’ for six members as a team respectively and most of them are men with various weight classes. And, there is a only woman staff, who stands out among them, not only because of her gender, but because of her beauty.
It’s Lee Seulki, the youngest writer of the program, that who made Joon-yeong mistake Suji, ‘the morning angel’ for her in the earlier episode. Jongmin introduces her as ‘the most beautiful writer’ and Joohyuk, having a glow on his face, eagerly participates the game and wants to become a partner with this pretty writer.
Meanwhile, ‘Two Days and One Night’ is getting good reviews, showing a joyful moment of starting a new journey with new members.
Watch what really happens in ‘Two Days and One Night’, Happy Sunday on Sunday at 4:55 PM on KBS 2TV.

The Best Opening Spot, KBS Main Building [2 Days & 1 Night]

“It’s good to have an opening in Yeouido.”

Their historical first opening in front of the famous KBS main building has excited 2 Days & 1 Night members and the staff is leading ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’. Can you guess if 2 Days & 1 Night members enjoy the tour?
Kim Joohyuk, Kim Joonho, Cha Taehyun, Defconn, Kim Jongmin, and Jeong Joon-yeong, those six members’ forth journey and the first episode of ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’ will be on TV Jan 12 and their still cuts have unveiled.
During last episodes, 2 Days & 1 Night members, who had openings in In-je and Mok-po, finally have an opening in front of KBS main building, a traditional opening spot. Especially, it meant a lot to the new members and they are exhilarated.
Then, producer Yoo, a new comer, has introduced his plan as “We have prepared the program which family can travel during winter holidays. Every itinerary is all up to us, so just enjoy it.” and all members are goggled in surprise.
Some members are doubtful about the idea, but a sudden mini bus’ appearance makes members to stop doubting and think of a comfortable and safe journey.
Would it be a real ‘comfortable’ journey to members? Don’t miss if 2 Days & 1 Night members can actually enjoy and end the journey safely.

Kim Joo Hyuk threatens to hurl his lunch on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Kim Joo Hyuk was struck with the reality of variety filming on the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘!

Playing a game to determine who would get to eat delicious ramen for dinner, the cast members had to circle in place for ten turns and then hit a target with a snowball. For Kim Joo Hyuk, who confessed he had no sense of balance, this game was pure torture! “I can’t stand up,” he complained.

Finally unable to take any more, he yelled, “Has anyone ever thrown up on camera? Just wait a few seconds!”

Thankfully for the clean-up crew, however, he ended up keeping his lunch where it belonged – and not out on the ice!