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Jo In Sung says he was glad to have appeared on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

After a harrowing one night and two days for Jo In Sung as a guest for ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, the actor revealed his thoughts after spending some time with the cast and crew.

“It hasn’t been that long after the end of my drama so I was a bit distraught, but thanks to Cha Tae Hyun hyung, I think I’ll be going back home with some good memories,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow, too. If I win, do I get breakfast?” he asked, proving that he’s got the concept of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ down pat!


Jo In Sung Shows Competitive Spirit in “1 Night, 2 Days” Appearance

Jo In Sung Shows Competitive Spirit in “1 Night, 2 Days” Appearance
Actor Jo In Sung has revealed his steely determination and competitive spirit in the latest edition of long-running KBS2 variety show “1 Night, 2 Days.” During the program, which aired on October 5, the regular cast was asked to bring along their best friends, with actor-singer Cha Tae Hyun inviting Jo In Sung.

As part of the show, Jo In Sung took part in a game called “hand fencing.” The aim of this game was to smear the opponent’s face with dirt. The team which ended up with the least dirt on their faces would be declared the winner.

Jo In Sung’s team had to square off against comedian Defconn’s team, and decided to try a sudden attack. He succeeded in getting singer Mino’s face very dirty indeed, but, despite all of his efforts, Defconn was unbeatable, and was finally declared the victor.

Despite Jo In Sung’s unsuccessful attempts to win, his determination was considered outstanding by the other participants, and he was declared the moral victor on the basis of his resolve.

Jo In Sung Gives Kim Jae Dong a Hug on “1 Night 2 Days”


The representatives of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday-1 Night 2 Days” have posted a still from an upcoming episode, filmed on Incheon’s Muui Island, to the show’s official Facebook site.

The picture was accompanied by the following comment: “Here is a cuteness-filled photo to soothe any disappointment caused by the cancellation of our regular episode on September 28 [due to the Asia Games]. Be sure to tune in this week!”

In the photo, Jo In Sung stands in back of Kim Jae Dong, wrapping his neck from behind in a strong hug and smiling broadly. Kim Jae Dong, on the other hand, has a helpless expression on his face and seems to be rejecting Jo In Sung’s sudden expression of love. However, his actions reveal his true feelings. Even while saying “Don’t hug me!” he cannot hide his laughter.

Fans can view more of Jo In Sung and Kim Jae Dong’s special chemistry on the October 5 episode of “1 Night 2 Days.”


Jo In Sung Fails to be “Pickled” Enough for Guest Spot on “1 Night, 2 Days”

922 jo in sung stills

On the most recent episode of KBS’s “1 Night 2 Days,” they had a “best friends” special (also known as the “pickled friends” special due to a pun in the Korean pronunciation).

The members’ mission for this episode was to cast friends who were “pickled” in their daily lives (friends who needed a break and needed to get out more). All of the members were given casting compensations to give to their friends who agreed to come. Cha Tae Hyun tried calling Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo but were unable to reach them. He was then seen calling someone, who later turned out to be none other than Jo In Sung. Jo In Sung answered the phone at nine in the morning, and to this Cha Tae Hyun asked, “Shouldn’t you be passed out?” He had expected Jo In Sung to be passed out from drinking during the wrap-up party of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” from the night before.

Worrying that Jo In Sung’s current state would be too normal, Cha Tae Hyun changed his target to Uhm Tae Woong. But when Uhm Tae Woong had another schedule, Cha Tae Hyun had no other choice but to meet up with Jo In Sung, who had stated that he didn’t have anything to do that day. When they met up in Itaewon, they greeted each other warmly and viewers could sense that they had a close friendship. Despite the early time, Jo In Sung showed up bright and radiating. Though he revealed that he didn’t even have his makeup on, the setting seemed brighter with his presence.

As Cha Tae Hyun explained the special’s concept, he also offered actor Kim Ki Bang, who was with Jo In Sung, to join in on the trip as well. Jo In Sung could not decline the offer, as he did not have any schedule the day after to serve as an excuse. Eventually Jo In Sung accepted the offer to join the trip. What started out to be a joking call ended up really having Jo In Sung on the show. You could view the conversation here.


Stills of Jo In Sung, Roy Kim, and Others on “1 Night 2 Days” Released, Cha Tae Hyun Apologizes to Jo In Sung lovelymorning September 17, 2014

918 1n2d stills

In the upcoming episode of “1 Night 2 Days,” there will be a “best friends special.” It is also known as “pickled friends special” due to a pun, and it will have each of the members bring along a friend that needs to get out more. On the episode set to air this coming Sunday, the first part of their trip will be revealed. Prior to the airing of the show, the production team released stills of the members and their guests on their official Facebook page on September 17.

The show has already garnered much attention to the guest list of this episode, which includes Jo In Sung, Kim Jae Dong, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Ki Bang, Mi No, and Roy Kim (you can read more about the cast revelation here). There will also be a “secret friend” that will appear, and many are trying to guess which guest was invited by which member.

In the released photo, Jo In Sung can be seen looking in the direction of the camera, showing off his signature figure and alluring gaze. Despite being outdoors in simple clothes, he still looks like a model. Next to him, actor Kim Ki Bang is talking to someone else. The atmosphere of the set seems to be very comfortable and amiable. Meanwhile, Roy Kim can be seen in another photo with a huge smile. Kim Jae Dong, Chun Myung Hoon, and Mi No have also been revealed to have adapted well to the set.

918 1n2d cha tae hyun on cultwo show

In other news, Cha Tae Hyun apologized to Jo In Sung on SBS’ “Cultwo Show.” On the radio show, MC Jung Chan Woo asked, “We heard that you recorded ‘1 Night 2 Days’ with Jo In Sung a couple days ago. How did you get him to be on the show?” To this Cha Tae Hyun responded, “That day the casting for the show took place so suddenly. Nothing had been planned so I found Jo In Sung and essentially kidnapped him as I brought him to the set. But Jo In Sung filmed happily and I was so grateful and apologetic for that.”

Meanwhile, the episode will air this upcoming Sunday, September 21 on KBS.

Jo In Sung Got Dragged to ′1 Night 2 Days′ by Cha Tae Hyun Without Knowing Anything

Zo In Sung Got Dragged to ′1 Night 2 Days′ by Cha Tae Hyun Without Knowing Anything

With Zo In Sung joining him on KBS′ 1 Night 2 Days, Cha Tae Hyun shared a bit about what happened during filming.

On September 17, Cha Tae Hyun shared on SBS Power FM′s Two O′clock Escape Cultwo Show that he filmed 1 Night 2 Days with Zo In Sung.

“We filmed together recently. [Zo In Sung] really had no idea what was happening and got dragged into it. By me,” said Cha Tae Hyun. “That was the concept. Each person brought one person.”

When asked who comedian Kim Joon Ho brought, Cha Tae Hyun replied, “Who was it… I filmed together, but I don′t remember.”

Then he added, “Actually, it′s not that I don′t remember, but I can′t say because it′s not revealed yet.”

Photo Credit: Newsen


Jo In Sung to appear on next week’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Jo In Sung will be making a rare variety appearance on next week’s episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘!

Apart from the legendary actor, next week’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’ will also play host to Chun Myung Hoon, Roy Kim, Kim Jae Dong and more.
Invited by the cast members, the guests know little of what they will have to endure during their travels!

Actor Jo In Sung and Singer Roy Kim to Make Surprise Appearance on “1 Night 2 Days”

Actor Jo In Sung and Singer Roy Kim to Make Surprise Appearance on “1 Night 2 Days”

It has been announced that actor Jo In Sung and singer Roy Kim will both be making surprise appearances on a future episode of KBS’ variety program “1 Night 2 Days.”

On September 13, a broadcast official shared, “Jo In Sung and Roy Kim have been taking part in a recording of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ in Muui-do (Muui Island) since September 12.”

This particular filming is for the upcoming “Best Friends” special, during which Jo In Sung and Roy Kim will appear as surprise guests, as best friends of actor Cha Tae Hyun and singer Jung Joon Young, respectively.

It has been about two and a half years since Jo In Sung last appeared on a variety show through SBS’ “Go Show.” Many viewers are already anticipating what kind of teamwork the Cha Tae Hyun-Jo In Sung pair will be displaying. On the other hand, Roy Kim recently made his debut as an MC for the SBS Chuseok special “Something.”

Other guests featured on the same episode include Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jae Dong, and Kim Ki Bang.