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“1 Night 2 Days” Cast Jokes about Replacing Their PD with Cha Tae Hyun

“1 Night 2 Days” Cast Jokes about Replacing Their PD with Cha Tae Hyun

On the May 31 episode of KBS2 variety show Yoo Ho Jin1 Night 2 Days,” the cast films their opening scene in front of the Center for United Future of Korea.

The members playfully talk and joke around about Cha Tae Hyun’s new drama “Producer,” which just aired before filming started.

However, they notice PD Yoo Ho Jin’s pale face and inquire, “Are you sick?” Cha Tae Hyun asks, “Is it shingles,” to which the producer answers in the affirmative.

1 Night 2 Days

On the May 31 episode of KBS2 variety show Yoo Ho Jin1 Night 2 Days,” the cast films their opening scene in front of the Center for United Future of Korea.

The members playfully talk and joke around about Cha Tae Hyun’s new drama “Producer,” which just aired before filming started.

Cha Tae Hyun

However, they notice PD Yoo Ho Jin’s pale face and inquire, “Are you sick?” Cha Tae Hyun asks, “Is it shingles,” to which the producer answers in the affirmative.

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“1 Night, 2 Days” to Film in Los Angeles Next Month

“1 Night, 2 Days” to Film in Los Angeles Next Month

The cast of KBS2TV’s long-running variety show “1 Night, 2 Days” will be stopping by the United States next month!

Yoo Ho Jin, the producer of the show, revealed to TV Report, “We are set to leave for Los Angeles in mid-June, but have yet to decide on the itinerary of the trip. I believe everything will come together once we arrive in the United States.”

This upcoming visit to California will mark the first intercontinental trip in the eight-year history of “1 Night, 2 Days.” In the past, the show has paid short visits to nearby destinations in East Asia, such the Chinese side of Baekdu Mountain and Japan.

Regarding the filming schedule, the producer said, “As we are traveling to the United States, it is difficult to make it a one night trip. We will have to stay there for more than two days. I think we will know how much time we need once we actually go there.”

“1 Night, 2 Days” starring Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Jun Ho, Defconn, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Min, and Jung Joon Young airs on Sundays.

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Jung Joon Young becomes the first person to get dunked on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Jung Joon Young made history on the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ by becoming the first member to endure the ‘cold water punishment’ on the newest season!

The punishment, which dunks an unfortunate cast member in a large body of water – preferably a very cold one – is a ‘1 Night 2 Days’ tradition, and viewers were relieved to see that it has carried over into the new season!

Despite his pleas of suffering from a ‘salt allergy’ (?), the unfortunate singer became the first cast member to enjoy the cold soak.

Jung Joon Young has a successful fan meeting in Taiwan with 1,000 fans

Singer Jung Joong Young successfully completed his first overseas promotion in Taiwan.

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According to CJ E&M on December 12, “Within two days of receiving the request for Jung Joon Young’s fan signing, which took place in Taiwan on the 8th, it was completely sold out. A crowd of 1,000 fans attended.

Jung Joon Young had personally prepared live performances of songs, such as “10 Minutes Before Breaking Up“, and conversed with his fans in fluent Chinese. During the fan signing event, he spent three hours doing his best to interact with every single fan to their immense gratitude.

One rep from the promotion said, “Since he is so good at Chinese, Jung Joon Young portrayed his witty self as is. The fans and even the gathered staff members could not repress our laughter at his words,” which is something many viewers of ‘We Got Married‘ could understand.

“1N2D” Season 2 Bids a Tearful Farewell and Releases Teaser for Season 3


The time has come to say good bye to the members of “1N2D” Season 2 as the show wrapped up its last episode. The closing statements were filled with tears, hugs, thankfulness, and a trip down memory lane.

On November 24, KBS’ variety program “1N2D” officially wrapped up season two with a final goodbye from the members. Similar to the show’s signature opening in which the members gather together to introduce the episode, it was fitting to see the members gather one last time to bid farewell to its audience.

The closing statements revealed how the cast and crew of “1N2D” had formed a bond similar to that of a family. Oldest member Yoo Hae Jin expressed, “It has been eight months (since I joined) and the experiences have been wonderful. I now have great younger friends. I’m thankful to the younger friends for their help, and all the staff have worked very hard.”

When listening to Yoo Hae Jin’s comment, Uhm Tae Woong couldn’t help but explode in tears even before his turn. The actor stated, “I want to thank everyone because I feel that I have received an overflow of love, and I will never forget. Everyone, please quickly forget about me and anticipate the new ‘1N2D.’”


Cha Tae Hyun, who plans to return for season three, said, “Choi Jae Hyung PD comes to mind, as well as Seung Woo hyung (Lee Seung Woo). Please anticipate season three.” Singer Sung Shi Kyung also added his sentiments when he said, “I started the show after being touched when I experienced the ‘viewer tour.’ The program is a show that you oddly grow affectionate towards. Season three will start, but I think ‘1N2D’ is the best program as a KBS weekend variety show.”


Having been with the show since its first broadcast in August 2007, Kim Jong Min, who also plans to return for season three, couldn’t help the tears as he stated, “I first came here in my mid 20’s. Thinking about it, I think I really love ‘1N2D.’ However, there is something I love more than ‘1N2D,’ and that’s Soo Geun hyung. “

In response, Lee Soo Geun, another original member since the show’s first broadcast, gave a 90 degree bow and expressed in his tearful farewell, “Although my body may not be present, my heart will always be here shouting and being together with you.”

“1N2D” first aired six years ago on August 5, 2007 with members Kang Ho Dong, Noh Hong Chul, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, and Kim Jong Min. However, the show reached its highest popularity with members Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Kim C, and Kim Jong Min. Season two of “1N2D” first aired on March 4, 2012 with members Lee Soo Geun, Kim Jong Min, Uhm Tae Woong, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Seung Woo, Sung Shi Kyung, and Joo Won.  Along with the changing members of the show, “1N2D” will also experience a change in production team as season three is expected to be produced under a different producer and staff team.


Season three of “1N2D” will consist of returning members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, as well as new members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jung Joon Young, and Defcon. The new teaser for season three shows a unique approach to the show as the new members express their honesty in their lack of confidence to be funny. The different approach of season three has stirred anticipation as many have become curious of the chemistry between the members who form such an unlikely group.  “1N2D” season three will air its first episode on December 1 at 4:55pm (KST).


Who Will Lead The New “1 Night 2 Days?”

Who Will Lead The New “1 Night 2 Days?”

So the new “1 Nights 2 Days” has finally started recording with it’s new lineup of staff and members. After numerous rumors, rejections and denials, we finally have the final member lineup. Veteran members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min are joined by a series of new faces including Defconn, Jung Joon Young, Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Joon Ho. While a formidable lineup on paper, it does appear to be missing a certain something and that is a central leader figure that ties together all these personalities. Might this be a problem? The staff certainly don’t think so.

On November 22, the newly reformed “1 Nights 2 Days’ began their first recording, with Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min driving around picking up the new members. They then headed out to Namyangju in the Gyeonggi Province as well as heading to the Inje County in the Gangwon Province. So how did the new cast line up do during their first recording. In a quick interview with media outlet, Star News, Chief Ground Producer Seo Soo Min stated that “First off, all them are completely stupefied.”

They have also revealed that all the members are still rather awkward with each other even after recording together for the whole day. This is understandable given the lack of overlap for most of the new faces in the crew. Stars like Jung Joon Young and Kim Joo Hyuk are relatively new to the whole field of variety shows while even variety show veterans like Kim Joon Ho has never worked together with certain other members like Cha Tae Hyun or Defconn to any reasonable extent.

1 Night 2 Days

Interestingly, the Chief Producer of “Happy Sunday,” the overarching program that covers both “1 Night 2 Days” and “Superman,” is accompanying the “1 Night 2 Days” crew on their first recording. Park Joong Min CP has told Star News that “It’s probably because it’s still early days but everyone is unfamiliar with each other and on awkward terms.”

The lack of a clear leader on paper along with how unfamiliar each of the members are with each other has meant that there is yet to be a set leader figure amongst the team. The staff of 1 Night 2 Days are hoping that as the six members record and travel together, a leader figure will naturally arise without the staff having to specifically point someone out as a leader.

Park Joong Min CP has stated that “There is no official leader (In 1 Night 2 Days)” and that they will be “Keeping an eye on things for the time being.”

As for how the staff plans to air the first episode, they want to air as much of the awkwardness amongst the members as possible. Park CP explains that “Seeing a group of people that’s seen each for the first time on a trip together. We plan to show that as is on air. I believe that the awkwardness and unfamiliarity between the six members will be portrayed as is on screen.”

The first recording for this new and hopefully improved “1 Night 2 Days” will run till November 23 and is expected to air on December 1.