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Jung Joon Young switches up his hairstyle

Jung Joon Young revealed to fans that he’s switched up his hairstyle for a more cropped look!

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The photo above was shared on his official Facebook on November 12 along with the message, “Jung Joon Young’s extremely different hairstyle! It was a dramatic transformation for the movie ‘Today’s Love‘. The reason will be revealed in the movie next January (scheduled). It was a bit awkward at first, but it’s something that grows on you the more you look.” 

Fans commented, “It’s so cute,” “I thought he was going to the army,” and more.

As mentioned previously, Lizzy will be playing the bright and cheery Min Ah, while Jung Joon Young will play a character with a one-sided crush on Moon Chae Won, who plays the lead along with Lee Seung Gi.


“1N2D” Season 2 Bids a Tearful Farewell and Releases Teaser for Season 3


The time has come to say good bye to the members of “1N2D” Season 2 as the show wrapped up its last episode. The closing statements were filled with tears, hugs, thankfulness, and a trip down memory lane.

On November 24, KBS’ variety program “1N2D” officially wrapped up season two with a final goodbye from the members. Similar to the show’s signature opening in which the members gather together to introduce the episode, it was fitting to see the members gather one last time to bid farewell to its audience.

The closing statements revealed how the cast and crew of “1N2D” had formed a bond similar to that of a family. Oldest member Yoo Hae Jin expressed, “It has been eight months (since I joined) and the experiences have been wonderful. I now have great younger friends. I’m thankful to the younger friends for their help, and all the staff have worked very hard.”

When listening to Yoo Hae Jin’s comment, Uhm Tae Woong couldn’t help but explode in tears even before his turn. The actor stated, “I want to thank everyone because I feel that I have received an overflow of love, and I will never forget. Everyone, please quickly forget about me and anticipate the new ‘1N2D.’”


Cha Tae Hyun, who plans to return for season three, said, “Choi Jae Hyung PD comes to mind, as well as Seung Woo hyung (Lee Seung Woo). Please anticipate season three.” Singer Sung Shi Kyung also added his sentiments when he said, “I started the show after being touched when I experienced the ‘viewer tour.’ The program is a show that you oddly grow affectionate towards. Season three will start, but I think ‘1N2D’ is the best program as a KBS weekend variety show.”


Having been with the show since its first broadcast in August 2007, Kim Jong Min, who also plans to return for season three, couldn’t help the tears as he stated, “I first came here in my mid 20’s. Thinking about it, I think I really love ‘1N2D.’ However, there is something I love more than ‘1N2D,’ and that’s Soo Geun hyung. “

In response, Lee Soo Geun, another original member since the show’s first broadcast, gave a 90 degree bow and expressed in his tearful farewell, “Although my body may not be present, my heart will always be here shouting and being together with you.”

“1N2D” first aired six years ago on August 5, 2007 with members Kang Ho Dong, Noh Hong Chul, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, and Kim Jong Min. However, the show reached its highest popularity with members Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Kim C, and Kim Jong Min. Season two of “1N2D” first aired on March 4, 2012 with members Lee Soo Geun, Kim Jong Min, Uhm Tae Woong, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Seung Woo, Sung Shi Kyung, and Joo Won.  Along with the changing members of the show, “1N2D” will also experience a change in production team as season three is expected to be produced under a different producer and staff team.


Season three of “1N2D” will consist of returning members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, as well as new members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jung Joon Young, and Defcon. The new teaser for season three shows a unique approach to the show as the new members express their honesty in their lack of confidence to be funny. The different approach of season three has stirred anticipation as many have become curious of the chemistry between the members who form such an unlikely group.  “1N2D” season three will air its first episode on December 1 at 4:55pm (KST).


Lee Seung Gi Says He Wants to Be a Villain When He′s Older

Lee Seung Gi showed he′s aiming to transform into the evil one sometime in the future.

The singer-turned-actor spoke at the press roundtable for MBC′s Gu Family Book held on May 20.

“I want to try acting in a villain role someday when I′m older and I′m trying to win the Daesang at the Drama Awards,” he said. “I believe having an aura and experience will be important, so I think I′ll try it out around the time I′m in my late 30s or in my 40s. I′ll try out for the Daesang with a villain role.”

Lee Seung Gi has appeared as a prince in MBC′s The King 2Hearts, a mischievous student in SBS′ My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and a man who lives off of his rich grandmother in SBS′ Shining Inheritance. Most of his roles have been cute and off-the-wall, but he drew attention to his future as an actor by stating he wishes to act as a villain someday.

The singer has recently been receiving favorable reviews on his acting through Gu Family Book.

Yoo Dong Geun, a fellow actor in the drama, also said about Lee Seung Gi′s acting, “I′m sometimes jealous of how he immerses himself in his role.”

Gu Family Book has been soaring at the top of viewership charts for its time slot.

Photo credit: MBC

Lee Seung Gi Talks About Return to Variety

Will Lee Seung Gi ever be returning to variety?On May 20, Lee Seung Gi appeared at MBC′s Dream Center in Ilsan for Gu Family Book′s press conference.

At the press conference, Lee Seung Gi briefly touched on a possible return to variety.

Lee Seung Gi was recently rumored to be part of former 1 Night, 2 Days PD, Na Young Suk′s upcoming show with CJ E&M, but didn′t give a definitive answer on whether he would be appearing on the show, simply saying he would be focusing fully on Gu Family Book for the time being.

Though Lee Seung Gi has no concrete plans to join a variety show, he did say, “If it′s a variety show I can do, I′m willing to do it anytime.”Photo credit: MBC

What will Lee Seung Gi do if ratings for his drama surpass 30%?


Fans of Lee Seung Gi will be happy to hear what he has in store if his drama, ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, is a success!

Appearing on MBC‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, the artist and actor promised to do something amazing if the ratings for his newest drama surpassed a whopping 30%. “If the ratings go above 30%, I’ll sing an OST song dressed up in my Choi Kang Chi costume,” he said. Choi Kang Chi is the name of his character in the drama.

Also, if ratings went above 25%, he told the interviewer that he would like to appear on the show ten more times. I think we’re all rooting for that to happen!


Lee Seung Gi speaks up on the difficulties of drama filming


Lee Seung Gi, who is currently busy filming MBC‘s ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, dished out his feelings on the stress of filming a weekly drama.

“Because of filming, I barely sleep,” he confessed during his appearance on MBC‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘. “I need to eat a lot of well-being foods, such as eel juice and things like that.”

The rigors of Korean drama filming is well-documented, with several actors and actresses actually fainting due to the stress placed on them by the tight shooting schedule. Hopefully Lee Seung Gi can finish his drama safely!


Lee Seung Gi takes on a tough guy image for ‘Pizza Hut’s upcoming CF


Lee Seung Gi, who recently renewed his endorsement deal with ‘Pizza Hut‘ for the fourth consecutive year, surprised fans by transforming into a manly man for the brand’s upcoming CF.

The newly released still cuts show Lee Seung Gi digging into delicious pizza without a care in the world and wiping his mouth with his hand, leaving fan girls swooning over his masculine charisma.

A representative commented, “We wanted Lee Seung Gi, who is known for his cute and sweet little brother image, to show a tough guy charm, which won over the female staff on set. From an aegyo-filled prankster to a manly man who eats pizza recklessly, Lee Seung Gi showed off his various charms through his acting.”

The full CF will be released this May, but until then, fans can catch Lee Seung Gi on the MBC drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘.


Lee Seung Gi Goes On for ′Gu Family Book′ Despite the Bruises

Lee Seung Gi has been literally throwing his all into his drama.

Despite the bruises and cuts, Lee Seung Gi has been showing off some spectacular moves on the set of the MBC drama Gu Family Book.

In the third and fourth episodes of the drama which previously aired, Lee Seung Gi managed to put on the perfect Choi Kang Chi, making him a fair, charismatic yet laid back half-man half-beast.

Producers have said the praise he′s managed to garner comes from his hard work on set. For his first action scenes for his first period piece, he′s been jumping off roofs, fighting many men at once and rolling on the bare earth in hills.

Even though he′s known for his quick movements, a few small injuries have proved unavoidable. He′s been treating his injuries and immediately moving on to the next scene, showing his passion toward the drama.

He even suffered from a fairly painful cut on the back of his hand while fighting with the assassins that appeared in episode four. He did not, however, let anyone stop for him, and continued to shoot even with the injury.

Producer Park Tae Young commented, “Even though he′s bruised and suffering from injuries, he hasn′t been letting up. Lee Seung Gi′s passion and his action scenes will help the drama′s story become more convincing.”

Gu Family Book is currently airing with the top viewership ratings of its time slot.

Photo credit: Samhwa Networks

Suzy and Lee Seung Gi talk about their teamwork on ‘Book of the House of Gu’


On the April 1st broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Spring Drama Big 3 Special‘, new drama ‘Book of the House of Gu‘ co-stars Suzy and Lee Seung Gi shared their thoughts on their teamwork.

Suzy revealed Lee Seung Gi’s manners went beyond her expectations, sharing, “[Lee Seung Gi] takes good care of me, supports me, and helps me practice during rehearsals. I think we work well together. I knew that he was a caring person, but I didn’t think he would be this caring. I think he looks after those around him really well.”

Lee Seung Gi commented, “Suzy and I haven’t filmed many scenes together yet. This is also my first time acting with someone younger than me. I only thought of Suzy as a national star from miss A, but I found out that she is seven years younger than me. I’ve always worked with sunbaenims who are older than me in the past, but after acting with someone seven years younger, I become more responsible. Suzy normally has a lot of popularity among men, so I don’t worry too much [about the drama].”

‘Book of the House of Gu’ will premiere on the 8th!


Lee Seung Gi to Appear as Lead in New Yoshimoto Banana Novel

Yoshimoto Banana, author of the bestselling Japanese novel Kitchen, will be serializing a new romance novel that contains a character modeled after Lee Seung Gi.

On March 30, Oricon reported that “Yoshimoto Banana will write a new series titled Shall We Love, which uses singer Lee Seung Gi as a model, through the womens′ magazine anan from April 10.”

Lee Seung Gi and Yoshimoto Banana have often mentioned each other, saying they were fans of the other. Yoshimoto Banana even visited Lee Seung Gi′s Budokan concert in 2012 and personally handed the singer a signed copy of her novel as well as a handwritten letter.

The novel will be the first to be based on a Korean singer. Lee Seung Gi′s side made the offer for the collaboration first, and Yoshimoto Banana accepted.

Lee Seung Gi commented, “I couldn′t believe it when I heard that Yoshimoto Banana, who is popular not only in Japan but in Korea also, would be writing a novel with a character modeled after me. It′s a great honor. I′m looking forward to it as a reader.”

Lee Seung Gi announced that he will reveal the conclusion of the novel at his exclusive concert to be held on December 7 in Tokyo.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan