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Park Bo Young, Lee Su Geun Record for ‘Snow Queen’

The 3D animation movie, Snow Queen has unveiled pictures of Park Bo Young and Lee Su Geun in the midst of their dubbing work for the animated film.
The movie centers around the act of one grave girl name Gelda (Park Bo Young) who must save the world from a curse placed on it by the Snow Queen.With her cute and loving voice, Park Bo Young embodied all the characteristics and personality features of Gelda, including her brave stand-off against the Snow Queen.

The instantaneously recognizable voice of Lee Su Geun is heard through the movie’s Troll, a talkative character who shows a lot of slapstick humor in the movie.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun’s own mother, voice actress Choi Soo Min, voices the frosty Snow Queen while voice actor Jang Kwang voiced multiple characters in the movie including Gelda’s father and an orphanage house parent.

The children’s movie premieres on February 7.

Photo Credit: KBS