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‘Strong Heart’ triumphs over ‘Moonlight Prince’ in viewer ratings for its time slot



MC Kang Ho Dong‘s former variety show SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘ surpassed his new variety show KBS 2TV‘s ‘Moonlight Prince‘ in viewer ratings for its time slot this week.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 29th broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ achieved a solid 8.8% viewer rating which was an 0.3% decrease from its ratings for the previous week. However, it was more than enough to beat out ‘Moonlight Prince’s lackluster 4.7% viewer rating, which was an 1.0% decrease from its previous episode.

Meanwhile, MBC‘s ‘PD Notebook‘ came in at 2nd place with a 6.0% viewer rating.


Kang Ho-dong goes head-to-head with Strong Heart

Oooh, this is an interesting development in varietyland. As Kim Seung-woo’s talk show Win-Win gets ready to go off the air, Kang Ho-dong’s new KBS variety show has secured Win-Win’s time slot… which is in direct competition with his old SBS show Strong Heart. (One of the many programs he left behind when he took a temporary leave from showbiz.)

What a way to circle back around and give Shin Dong-yup (his Strong Heart replacement) a run for his money. Not that the Daesang-winning Shin Dong-yup couldn’t handle it, of course. (In fact the two are even at the same agency now.) It’s just a small primetime playing field when you’re one of a few headlining MCs, and this kind of match-up was bound to happen at some point. The fact that it’s Kang Ho-dong’s big flagship new show at KBS competing with his last new show at SBS is just icing on the showbiz cake of Fate.

The program has yet to pick a title, but it has an air date (Priorities!) and will launch on January 22. Until then I guess we’ll just call it the Kang Ho-dong Show. It’ll be a talk show and a variety show, which is pretty much the vaguest description ever. So… there’s talking, and laughs. Got it.

He does have a peanut gallery in place though: idol star Changmin, singer/producer Brave Brother, and singer/songwriter Jung Jae-hyung (pictured below) will be his co-hosts. Other than the fact that all three are singers, there’s almost nothing else they have in common. It’s a weird collection of co-hosts, but I’m sure there’s a concept there somewhere. Jung Jae-hyung never fails to make me laugh, because he’s possibly the biggest nerd on the planet. I’ll leave it to Kang Ho-dong to work his magic and make it all sensical in the end.

The Show That Will Not Be Named But Will Deliver Laughs airs Tuesdays on KBS.

Via Star News


Kwanghee talks about becoming a part of the ‘Kang Ho Dong Line’


Kwanghee talked about becoming a part of the ‘Kang Ho Dong Line‘ on the November 20th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.

When asked about becoming part of the ‘Kang Ho Dong Line’, Kwanghee said, “I will be filming ’Knee Drop Guru‘ with Kang Ho Dong. When Lee Seung Gi heard the news, he sent a text message to me and said, ‘I heard you’re doing ‘Knee Drop Guru’. Congrats’.

He continued, “To be honest, Kang Ho Dong hyung was a bit cold and scary in the past. So when I saw him during the recent ‘Star King‘ filming, I was scared of him. But I went to see him after I did a wardrobe change, he said to me, ‘Kwanghee, I missed you. I missed your voice’. I told him, ‘I’ll do my best’, and he said, ‘Take care of me today’. When someone who is that good asked me to take care of him, my chest was throbbing. Every time a segment ended, he would wipe his sweat and he said he might get sick“.

Kwanghee joined the ‘Kang Ho Dong Line’ as he was recruited as a support MC for ‘Star King‘ when Kang Ho Dong made his long awaited return as host.


Boom Keeps a Photo of Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong at Home

A particular photo found in Boom’s house has been attracting attention.

On October 23, SBS’ Strong Heart had the cast of SBS’ The Great Seer, Ji Sung, Kim So Yeon, Lee Yoon Ji, Yoo Ha Jun, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, Jewelry’s Yewon, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, and soccer player and sports caster, Song Jong Gook as guests.

On this day, Boom brought in a picture of his home, asking for the guests to check the feng shui in his house.

Lee Yoon Ji said, “The sofa is blocking all the good energy that’s coming in through the main entrance, and it’s dark even though it’s in the middle of the day.”

She continued to say, “It’s good that you can see the entire room from anywhere. The plants in the room will also bring good energy.”

Then they noticed that Boom has a picture of Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong hung up on the wall. Boom said, causing laughter “I put it there to receive good energy from it. There’s greed and ambition.”

When asked where Shin Dong Yeop’s photo was, Boom replied, “Shin Dong Yeop’s picture is inside a drawer.”

Photo Credit: SBS

Boom has a picture of Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong hanging in his house?

Entertainer Boom revealed a photo of his house and a picture hanging on his wall caught the attention of the guests as well as viewers.

On the October 23rd broadcast of SBS’sStrong Heart‘, cast of the new drama, ‘The Great Seer‘, as well as several others appeared as guests.

On this episode, Boom asked actress Lee Yoon Ji to “Check the feng shui of [his] house,” and revealed a photo of his home. Lee Yoon Ji said, “The good energy that is coming through the front door is being blocked by your sofa and it is so dark that you have to turn on the lights even during the day,” giving her assessment. Regarding the bedroom she said, “You can see everything in the room from any position so it is good. You have live plants in your room so it should bring you good energy.”

What caught the attention of everyone though was a photo of Boom posing with Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong on his wall. Boom said, “I put it up to get good energy.  It shows my desires and ambition,” bringing laughter on set. When asked, “Where is Shin Dong Yup‘s picture,” he answered, “It is in my dresser drawer,” which made everyone laugh again.