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“1N2D” Season 2 Bids a Tearful Farewell and Releases Teaser for Season 3


The time has come to say good bye to the members of “1N2D” Season 2 as the show wrapped up its last episode. The closing statements were filled with tears, hugs, thankfulness, and a trip down memory lane.

On November 24, KBS’ variety program “1N2D” officially wrapped up season two with a final goodbye from the members. Similar to the show’s signature opening in which the members gather together to introduce the episode, it was fitting to see the members gather one last time to bid farewell to its audience.

The closing statements revealed how the cast and crew of “1N2D” had formed a bond similar to that of a family. Oldest member Yoo Hae Jin expressed, “It has been eight months (since I joined) and the experiences have been wonderful. I now have great younger friends. I’m thankful to the younger friends for their help, and all the staff have worked very hard.”

When listening to Yoo Hae Jin’s comment, Uhm Tae Woong couldn’t help but explode in tears even before his turn. The actor stated, “I want to thank everyone because I feel that I have received an overflow of love, and I will never forget. Everyone, please quickly forget about me and anticipate the new ‘1N2D.’”


Cha Tae Hyun, who plans to return for season three, said, “Choi Jae Hyung PD comes to mind, as well as Seung Woo hyung (Lee Seung Woo). Please anticipate season three.” Singer Sung Shi Kyung also added his sentiments when he said, “I started the show after being touched when I experienced the ‘viewer tour.’ The program is a show that you oddly grow affectionate towards. Season three will start, but I think ‘1N2D’ is the best program as a KBS weekend variety show.”


Having been with the show since its first broadcast in August 2007, Kim Jong Min, who also plans to return for season three, couldn’t help the tears as he stated, “I first came here in my mid 20’s. Thinking about it, I think I really love ‘1N2D.’ However, there is something I love more than ‘1N2D,’ and that’s Soo Geun hyung. “

In response, Lee Soo Geun, another original member since the show’s first broadcast, gave a 90 degree bow and expressed in his tearful farewell, “Although my body may not be present, my heart will always be here shouting and being together with you.”

“1N2D” first aired six years ago on August 5, 2007 with members Kang Ho Dong, Noh Hong Chul, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, and Kim Jong Min. However, the show reached its highest popularity with members Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Kim C, and Kim Jong Min. Season two of “1N2D” first aired on March 4, 2012 with members Lee Soo Geun, Kim Jong Min, Uhm Tae Woong, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Seung Woo, Sung Shi Kyung, and Joo Won.  Along with the changing members of the show, “1N2D” will also experience a change in production team as season three is expected to be produced under a different producer and staff team.


Season three of “1N2D” will consist of returning members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, as well as new members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jung Joon Young, and Defcon. The new teaser for season three shows a unique approach to the show as the new members express their honesty in their lack of confidence to be funny. The different approach of season three has stirred anticipation as many have become curious of the chemistry between the members who form such an unlikely group.  “1N2D” season three will air its first episode on December 1 at 4:55pm (KST).


Uhm Tae Woong, Sung Si Kyung, and Yoo Hae Jin to also leave ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Uhm Tae Woong, Sung Si Kyung, and Yoo Hae Jin will be leaving ‘1 Night 2 Days‘.

KBS revealed, “‘1 Night 2 Days’ has started to change for its season 3 with member changes after the staff changes. Uhm Tae Woong, Sung Si Kyung, and Yoo Hae Jin have all decided to leave the show because of movie and album preparations. Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun will be in Season 3. The new members have not been decided yet.

They added, “Lee Soo Geun has also decided to take time off for self-reflection. ‘1 Night 2 Days’ is preparing for its second takeoff through new members that will replace them.

The current members had their last filming on November 8th, and the current season will end on the 24th.

KBS denies rumors of ‘1N2D’ cancellation

KBS denied rumors of the cancellation of its KBS 2TV variety show ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ (‘1N2D‘).

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The rumor began when a broadcast insider stated that ‘1N2D’ will be canceled during KBS’ reformatting this fall. The rumor wouldn’t have been believable, but the show has been garnering mediocre viewer ratings, achieving a 10.7% last week.

A KBS representative firmly denied the rumors on the 8th. He stated, “This is my first time hearing rumors of ‘1N2D’ being canceled during the reformat this fall. There have been no talks of that in the broadcast station… ‘1N2D’ will continue on as normal with no change in staff or cast members.”

The official statement released by the network also said that considering ‘1N2D’ has been one of KBS’ most recognizable variety shows since 2007, both KBS and the crew will work hard to improve its quality.

Have you been watching ‘1N2D’ lately?


Yoo Hae Jin dances to SISTAR’s choreography on ’1 Night 2 Days’


In a desperate maneuver, Yoo Hae Jin found himself dancing to SISTAR‘s “Alone” on the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘.

The newest member of the road trip variety program was on the losing end of a game where each player had to shoot marbles at the other team’s, knocking them off the arena.

As he lost more and more marbles, he made a proposal, asking the other team to lend him a marble. Lee Soo Geun agreed, but on one condition: that he dance the ‘sexy dance’ from SISTAR’s choreography.

“I did the guiyomi player before, but that was because I was so hungry,” Yoo Hae Jin told him. “No way I’m doing the sexy dance.”

However, mere minutes later, Yoo Hae Jin found himself wiggling in a very unbecoming manner, dancing to SISTAR’s “Alone” – getting his marble in the process and sending the cast members into tears of laughter.


Joo Won Talks about the New ′1 Night, 2 Days′ with Yu Hae Jin

Joo Won opened up on how he likes the new KBS2 1 Night, 2 Days now that Yu Hae Jin is in the lead.

In a meeting with press on April 9, Joo Won said, “Perhaps now because we have a different leader, there has been a change in mood. All six of the members who were originally with the show have been trying to help [Yu] Hae Jin hyung (big brother) try to adapt as quickly as possible.”

He also said that Yu Hae Jin has been pouring in his own efforts.

“I know [how he feels], because I′ve been in a similar position, but Hae Jin hyung is doing well,” Joo Won said. “I′m thankful because I can see he′s trying to fit in and work hard. Hae Jin hyung also told the six of us that he′s thankful we′re treating him so well when it′s his first time here.”

Yoo Hae Jin took the place of Kim Seung Woo, who left the show and left Joo Won in tears on his last broadcast.

Joo Won said about Kim Seung Woo, “I was always a fan, but I came to like him even more after meeting him through the show. He′s a great man, with charisma, manliness and leadership. I believe he′s a big brother I can trust and look up to.”

The two are still close friends.

“[Kim] Seung Woo hyung told me that he would kill me if I didn′t keep in touch,” Joo Won said. “That′s how close we are. The way I can lay my head on him when I lay down to sleep shows how close we′ve come to be.”

The mood on 1 Night, 2 Days probably did change because of the new recruits, but some of it also came from the change in main producer. Joo Won thought positively of the change that came to the show after producer Lee Se Hee joined in, and he didn′t hide his attachment toward it.

He said, “Though I may be tired because of the tight schedules, the good thing about 1 Night, 2 Days is that I can see pretty sights. I believe not a lot of people will get to travel as many times before they die, and I′m lucky to be given this chance. These days I′ve been getting healed by the sights, while at the same time realizing that there are so many beautiful destinations in Korea.”

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment

’1 Night 2 Days’ welcomes Yoo Hae Jin as a new cast member


With the entrance of actor Yoo Hae Jin as the newest cast member of the venerable KBS variety program ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, the cast members welcomed him to the show in traditional ’1N2D’ style – by dunking him into a ocean.

All of the cast members soon followed him into the chilly ocean, re-affirming the bond between the cast and crew and throwing a trial-by-fire (or water, in this case) welcome for Yoo Hae Jin.