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How the Real “1 Night, 2 Days” PD Feels Watching Kim Soo Hyun in “Producer”

How the Real “1 Night, 2 Days” PD Feels Watching Kim Soo Hyun in “Producer”

With the popularity of KBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Producer,” many viewers have been wondering if the drama is realistically portraying what actually happens behind-the-scenes of KBS’ Sunday variety show “1 Nights, 2 Days.”

“Producer,” starring Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU, portrays the world of the variety department in KBS, focusing on the production of “1 Night, 2 Days.” Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of Baek Seung Chan, a newbie PD in the variety show’s production team. A little awkward and clumsy, his character brings to mind PD Yoo Ho Jin of “1 Night, 2 Days,” who was introduced to viewers of the actual variety show years ago as the newbie PD. The show pulled a hidden camera prank on him back then, showing him very green, very flustered, and very confused in the face of the cast fighting. Now Yoo Ho Jin is in charge of the show, having shed his “newbie” title.

Fun fact: Baek Seung Chang graduated from Seoul University and Yoo Ho Jin is actually a graduate of Korea University. Both universities are considered one of the top three in Korea.

Regarding the similarity between him and Baek Seung Chan, Yoo Ho Jin commented, “I think his clumsiness and the chaos he feels as the newbie PD is similar to how I was.” He added, however, “When I see his good-looking face, though, I think he is very different. It was disheartening.”

Instead of Baek Seung Chan being a dramatized version of him, Yoo Ho Jin thinks that the character is more a portrayal of how a lot of youngsters in society feel like, just entering the workforce. “But the variety department is a little more difficult than a regular company,” he added.

When asked if he applied to become a KBS PD because of a pretty school senior like Baek Seung Chan did, Yoo Ho Jin answered, “LOL. No. I applied because I had to earn a living.”

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Cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ go rogue after abandoning the producing staff

Fed up with the production staff, the cast of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ took matters into their own hands by abandoning the crew and hightailed it out of filming!

Stuck in a non-air conditioned car with spicy soup for lunch on a day where the temperature soared sky-high, the cast members were already cranky when they were given a mission which, upon successful completion, they could transfer into an air-conditioned vehicle.

Tasked with eating an entire tub of ice cream with only their hands, they were summarily disqualified when the producers pointed out that they still had some ice cream left on their fingers!

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This was the final straw for the members, who ran away from the crew in their vehicle despite their pleas via radio! Although the staff car tried to chase them down, the cast members’ car were already far away beyond their sight.

Thankfully, they were eventually calmed and soon returned to the set!


′1 Night, 2 Days′ PD Confirms Eun Ji Won Finished Filming for Program

Coming back home, Eun Ji Won will appear on KBS′ 1 Night, 2 Days.

Yoo Ho Jin PD of 1 Night, 2 Days told Newsen on May 13, “Eun Ji Won will be appearing on 1 Night, 2 Days. He finished filming last Friday and Saturday.”

“Like a veteran, Eun Ji Won actively participated in the recording. Everyone was very welcoming since Eun Ji Won and the 1 Night, 2 Days members previously appeared on programs before. The filming ended smoothly,” said Yoo Ho Jin.

′1 Night, 2 Days′ PD Confirms Eun Ji Won Finished Filming for Program

“The episodes with Eun Ji Won will air either next week or the following week after that.”

Eun Ji Won was part of the first season of 1 Night, 2 Days in 2007 and received much love from the public for his character, Eun-choding. He left the show after the first season.

With Eun Ji Won making a surprise appearance on the show, viewers are already looking forward to his episode.

Meanwhile, 1 Night, 2 Days returned to broadcast on May 11 after paying respect to the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy for about three weeks since April 16.

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‘1 Night 2 Days’ PD forbids the members from showing bare skin

If you’re a regular ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ watcher, you know that the members have a habit of just taking off their clothes whenever they want.

Well, it obviously got too much, because even their PD begged them to be careful of their skin showing! During the filming, the members had to put water balloons in their pants, and then try to remain as the last member with an intact balloon.
However, as the game went on, the members’ pants kept falling down because they had to run away and keep a hold of their heavy pants at the same time. It got so far that Kim Jong Min‘s sky blue underwear was almost completely revealed. The PD spoke up and said, “Everyone…. Please wear all your clothes properly…“, making all the members burst into laughter

The Best Opening Spot, KBS Main Building [2 Days & 1 Night]

“It’s good to have an opening in Yeouido.”

Their historical first opening in front of the famous KBS main building has excited 2 Days & 1 Night members and the staff is leading ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’. Can you guess if 2 Days & 1 Night members enjoy the tour?
Kim Joohyuk, Kim Joonho, Cha Taehyun, Defconn, Kim Jongmin, and Jeong Joon-yeong, those six members’ forth journey and the first episode of ‘the northern part of Gyeongi-do tour’ will be on TV Jan 12 and their still cuts have unveiled.
During last episodes, 2 Days & 1 Night members, who had openings in In-je and Mok-po, finally have an opening in front of KBS main building, a traditional opening spot. Especially, it meant a lot to the new members and they are exhilarated.
Then, producer Yoo, a new comer, has introduced his plan as “We have prepared the program which family can travel during winter holidays. Every itinerary is all up to us, so just enjoy it.” and all members are goggled in surprise.
Some members are doubtful about the idea, but a sudden mini bus’ appearance makes members to stop doubting and think of a comfortable and safe journey.
Would it be a real ‘comfortable’ journey to members? Don’t miss if 2 Days & 1 Night members can actually enjoy and end the journey safely.

Defconn flusters the producer team on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Defconn berated the producers of his show, ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, for being too lax on the program!

When the producers called him to let him in on the details for the upcoming filming session, Defconn was aghast at what they told him.

When he heard that the wake-up time was at a comparatively generous 9 A.M. instead of the crack of dawn as usual, he voiced his concerns. “Now’s not the time to be resting!” he told the producer over the phone. That wasn’t the end of his worries, however, as he also heard that the meeting location was near Seoul. “Don’t we need to go someplace far away?” he asked.

His unexpected reaction sent the producer on the defensive, who replied, “We don’t want you to be too tired.”

“Now isn’t the time to be worried about getting tired,” Defconn lectured, to the headache of the other side. “Don’t mention this conversation to anyone else, let’s have it stay between us,” he warned.

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[Two Days and One Night] Reruns and Actual Broadcast All #1 in Viewer’s Ratings


Reruns and the actual broadcast for ‘Two Days and One Night’ has ranked 1st place in its timeslot.

The KBS2TV program has renewed itself as Season 3, with new members consisting of Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Joon-ho, Defcon, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-min and Jung Jun-young. On December 8th, the 2nd part of the members’ trip to Injae, Gangwon Province aired and scored 15.8%, the highest for the show so far. Meanwhile, the rerun which aired on the same day in the morning recorded a relatively high figure of 9.6%, raising anticipation that the show will gain even more popularity among the audience.
The viewers’ ratings show that Season 3 has reached out to the audience as the members showed off their own unique characteristics. Praise for last week’s episode is believed to have led to people re-watching it on the 8th and led to the high viewers’ rating for the actual show in the afternoon.
Season 3 of ‘Two Days and One Night’ shows members such as Kim Joo-hyuk and Jung Joon-young who have no experience in variety/entertainment shows. The chemistry between the new members and the remaining members is thought to have been a fresh attempt that captured the attention of the audience. Meanwhile, producer Yoo Ho-jin’s relentlessness and the bargaining that went on between the members and producers is thought to have added to the fun.
Yoo PD is remembered as the “newbie” producer who was caught on candid camera during his early years at the job. He wasn’t afraid to make fun of himself and had even stronger penalties and missions for the members. The new framework allowed the members to have fun freely,
The audience have been widening their support. Various portal sites showed comments such as, “The newbie PD was the deciding factor in the new season of Two Days and One Night! I couldn’t stop laughing!”, “The new staff and members bargaining with each other strangely captured my attention”, “Two Days and One Night is the best! I’m happy to see the show come back strong!”, “I watched Two Days and One Night with my parents. I can’t wait until next week!” etc.
Meanwhile, the second journey for ‘Two Days and One Night’ Season 3, which has been capturing the excitement and fun of going on a new journey with new friends as well as the happiness of finding lost friends, will air on December 15th.


Jung Joon Young, Defconn, Kim Joo Hyuk, and Kim Joon Ho confirmed as new cast members of ‘1N2D’

1 Night 2 Days‘ (or ‘1N2D‘) has finally confirmed the new line up for season 3 of the show! Jung Joon Young, DefconnKim Joo Hyuk, and Kim Joon Ho are the new members joining the existing members Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun.SEE ALSO: SHINee’s Minho reported not to be joining ‘1N2D’

Although it was rumored at the last second that actor Lee Jun Ki may be the last member joining the bunch, the actor’s agency shot down the speculations, commenting, “Although it is true that we thankfully received a casting offer from KBS, the staff carefully reviewed it… But [Lee Jun Ki] already has a fan meeting and other schedules line up and more than anything else, his will to focus on acting as the actor Lee Jun Ki is strong. We decided that this may conflict with his acting activities so we respectfully rejected the offer.”

It was further confirmed to be not true when KBS announced the final line up just recently through their homepage, revealing, “Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Joon Ho, Defconn, and Jung Joon Young have joined ‘1N2D’ season 3… The 6 members, including the existing members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, will start off a new story together… These 6 have started filming today (22nd) at Gangwondo with Yoo Ho Jin PD.”

The new season of ‘1N2D’ will air on December 1!

No New Members For “1 Night 2 Days” However A Familiar Face Will Return



We reported recently that Joo Won was going to be leaving KBS’s veteran Sunday variety show, ’1 Night, 2 Days.” We’ve now got some addition reports regarding the show with KBS clarifying that Joo Won will not be replaced and the show will continue on as a party of 6. However there will be some changes to the staffing line up with an exclusive report published by “Star Today” revealing that we will be seeing the return of a similar face to the “1 Night, 2 Day” staffing line up.

First off, the lead producer for the KBS Variety Show division, Park Joong Min EP (Executive Producer) has revealed in a phone call with news media outlet “Star News” that “We are planning on continuing the show as a party of 6 after Joo Won leaves” and that “We will not be adding in an additional member.” Regarding this decision, Park Joong Min EP explains that “Up till now ’1 Night, 2 Days’ has not brought in a new member after a member has left” and that “The team work amongst the current members is currently at its peak and when we take this into consideration we predict that adding in a new member might, on the contrary, cause issues as they rebuild their team work again. Hence we won’t be bringing in a new member.”

However while they may not be adding a new member, it does appear that they are planning to once again revamp their staffing line up for the 3rd time this season. While this in itself is certainly interesting, the new producer they’ve convinced to take the helm of “1 Night, 2 Day” will surely cause some excited murmurings amongst fans.


In an exclusive report released by news media outlet “Star Today,” it has come to light that the next producer in line to try and revive the flagging show will be none other than Yoo Ho Jin PD. Name alone might not sound familiar but if you’re a fan of the show and have watched “1 Night, 2 Day Season 1” then you will definitely recognise who this is. For a short refresher, Yoo Ho Jin PD was the “rookie PD” during Season 1 of “1 Night, 2 Day” and is widely known as the PD that got fooled by Kang Ho Dong and Kim C during a hidden camera segment.

A worker from the KBS Variety Show division explains that “The KBS Variety Show Division saw a range of sweeping changes coinciding with the Autumn program reorganizations. A part of those changes appears to be a change in the Main PD for “1 Night, 2 Days.” They continued to explain that “Yoo Ho Jin PD, who became famous for being extremely fooled in a hidden camera corner 6 years organised by Kang Ho Dong, Kim C and the original members, is currently the PD that is being mentioned as being the most likely to take the Main PD job (For the show).


They also explained that “Along with Joo Won leaving the show and the show reaching a turning point, if Yoo PD is confirmed to be joining the show then it does appear like he will inject some fresh life into the show.” The worker however notes that “There was a lot of discussions regarding a change to the production team for “1 Night, 2 Days” as part of the Autumn Program Organizations. Yoo Ho Jin PD is pretty much confirmed to be joining the show but there is still detailed discussions remaining.”

He also praised Yoo Ho Jin PD saying that “whether it’s his exception abilities since joining the company or his personality, Yoo Ho Jin PD is someone that is praised by everyone.” He continued on by saying “He is already acquainted with most of the core members and he has the experience so if he is confirmed to be joining the show then we look forward to seeing good results.”

After leaving “1 Night, 2 Day Season 1,” Yoo Ho Jin PD has been responsible for co-producing “Music Bank” before moving on to producing the talk show “Win Win” and “Moonlight Prince.” He is currently the producer for the sports variety show “Our Neighbourhood Sports And Variety Stars” or as KBS World would like us to call it “Cool Kiz On The Block” with the “Z.”