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‘1 Night 2 Days’ is preparing for season three while discussing possible cast member departures

Season three of KBS 2TV‘s variety program ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ has been established. While they are preparing for the next season, there have been talks about whether Yoo Hae Jin, Sung Si Kyung, and Kim Jong Min may be leaving the show.

A rep from the show said, “We have not yet decided, but plan on revealing our official stance soon.

So far, Joo Won had left the show and the main producer changed from Lee Sae Hee to Yoo Ho Jin.  With the new producer and possible member changes, you may be able to expect quite a different ‘1 Night 2 Days’ in their next season!  Stay tuned for more information.

KBS reveals ‘1N2D’ cast will continue as six members after Joo Won’s leave

Loyal viewers of ‘1N2D‘ (‘1 Night 2 Days‘) were sad upon hearing the news of Joo Won leaving the show and KBS responded that they will not add a new member to replace the young actor.

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KBS announced, “Following Joo Won’s leave, [the ‘1N2D’ cast] will continue as six members. There will be no replacement member.”

“Even after a member’s leave, ‘1N2D’ has never added another member for the sake of replacing him. Considering that the current members’ teamwork is at its peak, adding a replacement member might disrupt the teamwork, so in consideration of that, we decided not to add a new member.”

Joo Won will say his farewells during his final filming on October 11-12.

Yoon Kye-sang, Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Ok-bin ends “Minor Views”

Actors Yoon Kye-sang, Yoo Hae-jin and actress Kim Ok-bin‘s movie “Minor Views” has completed filming.

Minor Views” is about a father who loses his son at a construction site accidentally killing a policeman in the family and facing the public defenders who try to conceal it up.

Yoon Kye-sang takes on the role of Jin-won and Yoo Hae-jin the role of Dae-seok, both public defenders. Kim Ok-bin takes on the role of Soo-kyeong who is a reporter struggling to get to the end of the case.

Lee Kyeong-yeong and Jang Gwang take on the roles of the teenage boy’s father, Park Jae-ho and the father of the policeman Hee-taek.

Yoon Kye-sang said, “We had a good time making this movie and we hope it can be something we are proud of. I wonder how powerful this movie will be”.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )


‘1 Night 2 Days’ seeking to make big changes

With ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ floundering in ratings, the staff members are calling for desperate measures.

PD Lee Sae He recently revealed some of the changes coming to the show. He stated, “We’re preparing for various changes that’ll be coming soon. From the time I joined (in March) to now was me trying to adjust to the program. The staff members are talking with the writers on changing up the program. We’re not going to be changing the fundamental concept of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ going on trips. Since the program has been running for so long, we’re trying to think of new ways to spice up the content. Excluding the Luck-Fire-Luck game, we’re trying to change what the viewers are used to seeing already.

With ‘1 Night 2 Days’ dropping to last place, especially after MBC‘s Sunday variety shows stepped up the game with ‘Real Men‘ and ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?‘, the PD is trying to make changes that’ll get the show competitive once again.


1 Night 2 Days: Episode 436 Recap

EPISODE 436. Broadcast on April 28, 2013.

girlfriday: Time for dinner bokbulbok games, brought to you by mud, mud, and more mud.

javabeans: Let’s hope there’s a decent meal for all at the end of the mud train, because lunch was really sad.

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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 434 Recap


EPISODE 434. Broadcast on April 14, 2013.

javabeans: We resume with the second half of the introduction to our new member and mat-hyung Yoo Hae-jin, the movie actor who’s totally not competitive about anything, except maybe when he’s competing. We also need a nickname for the new PD, otherwise we’ll be three years out and still calling him New PD. Then again, it is kind of funny that New PD and Bird PD are the same word.

girlfriday: Yeah that worked out nicely for Bird. We’ll have to wait and see what sticks with the new guy. We catch up to the boys after their dip in the ocean, where they tell their newbie that they have to assess his game skills. They decide to teach some classes to get him up to speed, and Tae-hyun perks up, asking if he can sit in on the lectures too.

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Yu Hae Jin to Join ′1 Night, 2 Days′

Actor Yu Hae Jin will be taking over Kim Seung Woo′s place in KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days.
A rep from the actor′s agency Sim Entertainment told enews on March 11 that “Yu Hae Jin has made the decision to join 1 Night, 2 Days. He will appear at his first shoot on March 29.”

The show has been undergoing a great change since producer Choi Jae Hyung, who had been in charge of the show during the past year, announced he would be leaving due to the problems he was having with his health. Kim Seung Woo also followed up the announcement with news of his own departure, and producer Lee Se Hee, who was previously in charge of KBS2′s Hello, succeeded Choi Jae Hyung.

Yu Hae Jin′s appearance in 1 Night, 2 Days will be his first variety venture since his appearance in MBC′s Cha Seung Won′s Health Club in 2006.

The agency rep added, “We′ve been talking with producers for about two weeks. He received the offer, and after much consideration, finally decided to appear in the show.”

“The producers showed interest in Yu Hae Jin after seeing him in the SBS pilot show March,” the rep finished.

The recent developments mark the third big change to hit 1 Night, 2 Days in its existence.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan